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Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is about Kinomoto Sakura, who one day opens a book containing magical cards called Clow Cards. After she accidentally sets them free, she is turned into a cardcaptor by the guardian of the cards, Keroberos. Reluctantly she agrees, because great disaster will befall the world if she does not collect back all the cards. Wearing outfits made by her best friend Tomoyo, and with the help of Syaoran, a decendant of Clow Reed, we follow Sakura on her adventures to get back all the cards to prevent the world from danger.

Fuuin Sareta Kaado

Fuuin Sareta Kaado, or The Sealed Card in English, is the second movie and takes place after the ending of the anime series. Four months after Syaoran went back to Hong Kong, Sakura and the rest of Tomoeda prepares for the Nadeshiko Festival, and class 6-2, Sakura's class, will be performing an original play written by Naoko, where Sakura will play one of the main roles. As it's summer break, Tomoyo invites both Meiling and Syaoran over to enjoy the festival with them. But not everything is going as planned - a lost Clow Card appears, and suddenly different parts of the city start dissapearing. Once more, Sakura will have to save the world, and at the same time, confess to Syaoran with her feelings for him!